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Komi Hola

Komi Hola is a professional dancer, specialized in afro contemporary dance styles. He has developed his own Afro fit dance concept, to create a joyful dance-fitness experience for everyone looking for a fun way to get fit, enjoy dancing in a group while moving on afro rhytms.

Dance is an integral part of the culture of Komi’s country Togo. It is at the center of all great festive and traditional events. As a child Komi practiced traditional dances such as AGBADJA - ADJOGBO - AKPESSE - which are dances from the South of Togo. Passionate and infected by this "dance" virus, at the age of eight he formed small dance groups with his neighborhood friends to compete in inter-district and inter-school competitions.


Inspired from a young age by modern music, especially Congolese, Cameroonian and American (Soukouss - Makossa - Break dance), he was quickly spotted by ballet groups that had both feet in traditional dance. 


After a few years of dance education and several performances in Togo, Benin and Ghana, at the age of nineteen Komi became part of the Henri Motra Dance Company in Lomé, Togo. This company allowed Komi Hola to train in Afro-contemporary dance and Afro jazz with choreographers James Carles, Merlin Nyakam, Harold Georges, William Bobongo and Henri Motra. He participated in many festivals  in West-Africa, Belgium, France, Italy, England, Germany. He continued his dance carreer in Europe, where he became part of the company Calebasse from chorographer Merlin Nyakam. And in Belgium he continued his dance projects with chorographer Harold Georges. 


He developed the Afro-fit dance concept when he was looking for something new in dance. He aimed to develop a dance that is more diverse and accessible than traditional or modern dance. Hence, he started looking for his own style. The inspiration of afro-fit came during the Zumba classes he teaches since 2012. Zumba is a beautiful concept where you have fun and dance yourself into shape by dancing on Latin music. It gave Komi the inspiration to start mixing different African dance styles and music and combine this with the fitness element. In Belgium he started setting up Afro-fit dance courses and he is now developing it further in the Netherlands. He organizes weekly dance classes Afro-fit dance, as well as Afro dance and traditional African dance. 

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